Kawachi Wisteria Garden (Fukuoka)

Kawachi Wisteria Garden (Fukuoka Pref.)★★★★★ Wisteria flowers are truly wonderful! One of the most famous flower gardens in Japan!

Kawachi Wisteria Garden



Basic information

*Please note that the information and photos provided here might be outdated, so always confirm before your visit.Please note that Kawachi Wisteria Garden is only open during the spring season from April to May and the fall season from November to December.

Address 2-2-48, Kawachi, Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka 805-0045, Japane
Access Approximately 20 minutes from Kitakyushu Urban Expressway Otani lC.
Phone TEL 093-652-0334
Website Japanese Website
There is a language selection button on this Japanese website.
Recommended flowers Wisteria: Late April – early May
Highlights Kawachi Wisteria Garden, along with Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi Prefecture, is popular as a flower park with beautiful wisteria flowers. In spring, when the wisteria flowers are in bloom, the 6,000-square-meter site is crowded with many visitors. The huge wisteria and the wisteria flower tunnel are magnificent. In autumn, the autumn leaves are wonderful.


Kawachi Fujien = wisteria flowers are really wonderful!

Kawachi Fujien = wisteria flowers are really wonderful!

Kawachi Fujien = wisteria flowers are really wonderful!

Kawachi Fujien = wisteria flowers are really wonderful!

Kawachi Fujien = wisteria flowers are really wonderful!

Kawachi Fujien = wisteria flowers are really wonderful!

Kawachi Fujien = wisteria flowers are really wonderful!

Kawachi Fujien = wisteria flowers are really wonderful!

Kawachi Fujien = wisteria flowers are really wonderful!

Guide to Enjoyment


About Kawachi Fuji Gardens

Situated in the southern city of Kitakyushu in Fukuoka Prefecture, Kawachi Fuji Gardens is renowned for its stunning wisteria tunnels and trellises. Spanning an area of approximately 10,000 square meters, the garden boasts around 150 wisteria plants belonging to 20 different species. The intertwined wisteria vines create a mesmerizing display of colors, ranging from white and pink to violet and blue.

Wisteria’s Enchanting Beauty

The centerpiece of the garden is undoubtedly its two wisteria tunnels, with the longer one stretching over 100 meters. As visitors walk through these tunnels, they are enveloped in a canopy of vibrant wisteria blooms, making it feel like a dreamy fairy tale. The fragrance of the flowers further adds to the sensory delight, making a visit to the gardens an all-encompassing experience.

Highlights and Features

1. **Wisteria Tunnels:** The tunnels offer an immersive experience, where visitors are surrounded by cascading wisteria from all sides.
2. **Wisteria Domes:** Apart from the tunnels, the gardens also have domed trellises where wisteria hangs down, creating natural umbrellas of blooms.
3. **Viewpoint:** There’s a viewpoint in the garden offering panoramic vistas of the entire wisteria spectacle.
4. **Pond Area:** A serene pond, surrounded by wisteria trees, is an ideal spot for relaxation and reflection.

Nearby Attractions

While Kawachi Fuji Gardens is a gem in its own right, Fukuoka Prefecture offers many other attractions worth exploring.

Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine

A significant Shinto shrine dedicated to Sugawara Michizane, a scholar and politician. The shrine grounds are beautiful, especially during plum blossom season.

Fukuoka Castle Ruins

Though only the ruins remain today, the site offers a glimpse into the history of Fukuoka and provides panoramic city views.

Canal City Hakata

A large shopping and entertainment complex in Fukuoka City, known for its distinctive architecture and water features.

Travel Tips

– Kawachi Fuji Gardens requires an entrance fee, which may vary depending on the bloom’s intensity.
– The gardens are located in a hilly area, so be prepared for some uphill walking.
– Fukuoka Prefecture is renowned for its culinary scene. Don’t miss out on trying local specialties like Hakata ramen or mentaiko (spicy cod roe).


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