Miyajima (Hiroshima)

Miyajima (Hiroshima Pref.)★★★★★ Late March – early April Beautiful cherry blossoms adorn the World Heritage shrines.

Miyajima Island



Basic information

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Address Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima 739-0505
Access Approximately 30 minutes from JR Hiroshima Station to Miyajima-guchi Station by train. From Miyajima-guchi Station, take a 10-minute ferry ride to Miyajima.
Phone TEL 0829-44-2011
Website Japanese Website
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Recommended flowers Cherry blossoms: Late March – early April
Highlights Miyajima Island in the Seto Inland Sea is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Miyajima is famous for Itsukushima Shrine, a World Heritage Site, but the cherry blossoms and autumn foliage are also wonderful. Every year from late March to early April, the cherry blossoms bloom, creating a beautiful contrast with the shrine.


Cherry blossoms at Miyajima

Cherry blossoms at Miyajima

Cherry blossoms at Miyajima

Cherry blossoms at Miyajima

Cherry blossoms at Miyajima

Cherry blossoms at Miyajima

Guide to Enjoyment

Introduction to Miyajima, Hiroshima

Famously referred to as one of Japan’s three most scenic spots, Miyajima is an island steeped in Shinto traditions and legends. With its sacred ambiance and picturesque vistas, it offers visitors a respite from the urban hustle.

The Essence of Miyajima

From ancient temples to mountain trails, Miyajima promises a diverse and enriching experience.

Sacred Grounds

Itsukushima Shrine

– This iconic Shinto shrine, with its floating torii gate, stands as a symbol of the island’s spiritual significance.

Daisho-in Temple

– A historically rich Buddhist temple, it offers serene spots for meditation and reflection.

Natural Wonders

Mount Misen

– The island’s highest peak provides panoramic views of the Seto Inland Sea, with hiking trails leading to its summit.

Momijidani Park

– Especially captivating during autumn, this park is a kaleidoscope of colorful maple leaves.

Visitor’s Guide

Reaching Miyajima

Accessible by ferry from Hiroshima, Miyajima’s ports welcome visitors with a view of the iconic torii gate emerging from the waters.

Culinary Delights


– Miyajima is renowned for its succulent oysters, a must-try for seafood enthusiasts.

Momiji Manju

– These maple leaf-shaped sweets, filled with various fillings, are a popular treat and souvenir.

Nearby Attractions

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

– Located in Hiroshima city, this park and its museum stand as poignant reminders of the atomic bombing and the resilience of the human spirit.


  1. Himeji Castle (Hyogo)

    Himeji Castle (Hyogo Pref.)★★★★★ Late March – early April Beautiful contrast between 1,000 cherry trees and the castle

  2. National Sanuki Manno Park (Kagawa Pref.)★★★☆☆ The nemophila flower fields are spectacular from mid-April to early May.

  3. Nabana-no-sato (Mie Pref.)★★★★★ One of the largest flower parks in Japan. Don’t miss the lighting up of the flowers!

  4. Osaka Castle Park (Osaka City) ★★★★☆ Late March to early April Osaka’s best cherry blossom viewing spot. The view from the castle tower is awesome!

  5. Kema Sakuranomiya Park (Osaka City)★★★★☆ Late March – early April Popular “Hanami” spot for cherry blossom viewing in Osaka

  6. Ueno Park (Tokyo) ★★★★☆ Late March – early April Tokyo’s largest cherry blossom viewing spot crowded with many cherry blossom viewers

  7. Kakunodate Samurai House (Akita)

    Kakunodate Samurai House (Akita Pref.)★★★★★ Late April – early May Cherry blossoms at the Buke Yashiki are a must-see! Fresh greenery is also beautiful.

  8. Miharu Takizakura (Fukushima Pref.)★★★★★ Mid-April The highest peak of cherry blossoms in Japan that you should see at least once A famous tree over 1,000 years old

  9. Maruyama Park (Kyoto City) ★★★★☆ Late March to early April Cherry blossoms are a popular spot for “Hanami”!